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I was tagged by Nicole Pierman to do the All Hallows Write Tag! I made a video which is posted below, but I also thought it’d be fun to do this tag in blog form. Sam Kassé is the original creator of this tag. I’ve left her and Nicole’s social media links below, as well as the links of the people I’ve tagged.


1. Provide a BRIEF description of your novel before starting

My WIP, which does not have a name yet, is about a princess named Reina. After she learns a devastating secret, she travels to the court of another country in order to meet its crown prince. Her ultimate goal is to make this prince fall in love with her so they can marry and unite their two countries, making her the most powerful queen in their world, and able to enact her revenge. Things do not go so smoothly though, and while in this other country, Reina learns that court politics are a game of chess. If you want more details about me and my WIP, you can click this link.

2. Don’t use the same character for more than three answers

Let’s do this!!!

Questions and Answers:

1. It’s Halloween night! What is your protagonist dressed up as?

Reina would be dressed up as something vampy, probably a witch, a vampire, or an all leather body suit with a mask or cat ears. She’s a princess and so for Halloween she’d want to ditch the pretty ball gowns and wear something sexier. She’s confident and has a strong personality, so she’d want to be able to demonstrate these qualities through her costume. Halloween is the one night she’d want all eyes on her

2. Who in your cast refuses to dress up and shows up at the Halloween party without a costume?

Nora would refuse to wear a costume because she’d think it was silly and a waste of time. If she had the choice, she wouldn’t show up to the party at all. However, because she is a princess, she would feel forced to attend. She’d make her obligatory appearance at the party, sans costume, and then leave after she’s made the rounds and let it be known she had attended.

3. Which character wears the most outrageous costume, and what would it be?

One hundred percent Conrad. Conrad is very arrogant, very confident, very charming, and very attractive. He’d want to be the life of the party and the center of attention, because that’s who he is. He’d dress up as a sexy lifeguard, probably only wearing red speedos and a whistle around his neck.

4. On Halloween, werewolves, vampires, and zombies are on the prowl. Which of your characters gets caught in their clutches, and which creature do they subsequently turn into?

Echo would be the one to be caught in their clutches. She’d be investigating something for Meir, but because Echo is very unsuspecting and isn’t quick on her feet, she’d get caught. I’d want her to be turned into a vampire so she could be strong, sexy, and powerful. As a vampire she’d be able to stand up for herself and finally get over Meir.

5. Who wins the contest for best costume?

In my video I say Conrad because he’s attractive and everyone loves him, but because I want to try to vary my answers, I’m going to go with Queen Jade for this one. Jade is beautiful, wealthy, and well, the queen.  Jade would be a butterfly, but she’d wear an elaborate gown covered in priceless jewels and crystals, and her wings would span ten feet and also be covered in crystals.

6. Who hands out toothbrushes to the trick and treaters?

DEFINITELY LORD WINSTON! I do not like Lord Winston at all (no one does) and he would be the type to think he’s above everyone else and doing what’s best for the kids. He’d also think it’s funny to see the looks of disappointment on the trick-or-treaters’ faces.

7. Which two of your characters decide to pair up and do an angel/devil costume together?

Reina and Madeline would think it would be cute in theory to do an angel/devil costume together because they’re sisters, but in reality it would cause A LOT of drama. Both Reina and Madeline would want to be the devil, and they’re both stubborn with strong personalities. However, eventually Reina would relent and let Madeline be the devil. They’d both want to wear sexy costumes, wearing corsets, tutus, and thigh high stockings.

8. Someone is too scared to even attend the Halloween party. Who is it?

This is the hardest to answer because none of my characters would be too scared. I’m going to modify this one a bit to who would plainly choose not to attend. Brenton would be the one not to attend because in a world of royals, he’s the stable boy. He would feel uncomfortable in that situation and like the odd-man-out, so he would prefer to not attend.

9. Who overdoses on Halloween candy and ends up sick?

My poor baby Skylar would be the one to overdose on Halloween candy and get sick. Like Brenton, he does feel like an odd-man-out in this world, but he’s actually a prince so he would feel obligated to attend. He also doesn’t have Nora’s confidence to just leave early, and so he’d spend the night eating candy in the corner trying to avoid everyone.

10. Which character is most likely to place a curse/hex on someone and who would they curse?

This is essentially the whole theme of my book, everyone is trying to get revenge on someone. So for this one I’m going to go with Reina and Meir because it’s Reina’s revenge which drives the plot for the first book. They would try, definitely using Echo as part of their plans, and I’m not going to reveal which two people Reina and Meir are trying to get revenge on because…spoilers! However, because they’re Reina and Meir, things would definitely take many twists, and there’s a good chance their plans would backfire *insert evil laugh!*

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