A Year of Love

Winter was bitter.
He was harsh words and empty eyes,
He was the one you settled for.
He was whispering winds,
He was always trying to hold you back,
He didn’t want you to realize your worth,
In fear you would leave him behind.
You knew you didn’t love him,
But you knew you didn’t want to be alone.
He was water and ice,
But you needed air.
You stood by as he self-destructed,
And you couldn’t help but feel relieved when he was finally gone.

Spring was new.
He was everything that was beautiful,
He was everything Winter was not.
He was your first love,
He was the one to finally wake you up and bring you to life.
He was the gentle breeze that tickles your neck,
The rainbow after a sun shower.
He was a butterfly waiting to be caught,
But you let him slip right through your fingers.
He was gone too soon,
And he’s the one you’ll always wish had stayed.

Summer was reckless.
He was jumping off of a cliff head first.
He was unpredictable,
He was 2am fights
And 3am kisses.
He was the boy your mom warned you about,
The one your dad feared would break you.
And your dad’s greatest fear came true,
When he left you for the open road.
He asked you to come with,
But you were young and you were scared,
So you never heard from him again.

Autumn was falling,
He was a whirlwind of happiness.
He was the one who wanted to make you you again.
He was long talks about life,
And nights spent under the stars planning your lives together.
He was the gentle guiding hand,
The one your dad really should’ve feared,
Because he would be the one to take you away.
He was the eye of the hurricane,
The one thing you could be certain of,
The one you let your walls down for.
He was peaceful nights and sweet dreams,
He was the one who would never let you go.

6 thoughts on “A Year of Love

    1. Awww thank you 🙂 I’m not nearly as confident in my poetry as I am in my fiction, but I’m getting there!

  1. This is so beautiful. Extravagant. Like, I’m not even exaggerating. This is such a different approach to writing poetry and I love it so much. The first part was my favorite because I could totally connect with it. So beautiful, amazing approach, wonderfully written!!! 🙂

    1. Awww thank you so much, that seriously means so much! I’m so sorry you went through an experience like that, but happy you could connect with the poem 🙂

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